IT Support Help-desk Singapore

IT Support Helpdesk is the process of providing information and support relating to company information as well as information regarding the products and services of the organisation to the end users/customers

IT Server Suppoer

As a Technical Support / Helpdesk Employee , You’ll be monitoring and IT Support Helpdesk

Troubleshooting Issues

Technical Support

Could Be Installing And Configuring Computer Systems, Diagnosing Hardware & Software. Faults And Solve Technical And Applications Problems



Maintain customer relationship mainly focused helpdesk level 1 & 2

Could able to install and configure the computer systems and diagnose the hardware and software does it end with the solution technologies application problems we can also able to solve the problem through Phone calls I person visitor customer site it is all depends on the helpdesk Support Call.

 IT Products | VMS | WMS | Microsoft

Disaster Recovery

DR-Plan (Disaster recovery) Network monitoring

Database Services

Choose from 20+ Databases Including DB2, Cloudant, MongoDB, PostgreSQL & More..

Products Sourcing

To put it Simply, Product Sourcing is the Process of finding products that you can sell through your Business

IT Consultation

Validation, Compliance, Regulatory, Auditing and Technical Management. Quality Systems. Professional Service. Highlights: Offering End-To-End Solutions


Word on the street

Put it out there