August 26, 2016

Gate Pass Management System

Gate Pass Management System

In Gate Pass Management System fields of physical security and information security, access control is the selective Within these environments, physical key management may also be The electronic access control system grants access based on the credential presented An access control point can be a door, turnstile, parking gate

Materials play an increasingly critical role in the profitability of your business operation

Gate Pass Management System is perfectly positioned to provide you with a tailored solution which has been designed with adherence to ISO 27001 norms; to satisfy your material tracking needs now and in the future.

This exhaustive module not only tracks movement of materials (as defined based on the business of the user), but also has the facility to generate auto escalation mails to the relevant Departmental Heads to report anomalies. Your material ordering quantities can now be monitored as this module enables the tracking of quantities of materials on hand and also assigns an employee responsibility to every asset.

Gate Pass Management System (GPMS)

visitor management system Track the movement of all Materials.

visitor management system Create any number of sub registers for Material like IN, OUT, etc.

visitor management system Flag material movements as returnable and non-returnable.

visitor management system Generate auto escalation mails for non-returned materials to all concerned persons on Weekly and Monthly   basics.

visitor management system Generate auto escalation mails for asset moved to the asset owners.

visitor management system Capture the GSN/GRN No, GSN/GRN Date for each movement.

visitor management system Can store the material details with quantity.

visitor management system The material details can also be modified, added, and removed separately.

visitor management system Material details modification restricted if the materials return entry exists.

visitor management system Make partial return entries and track pending quantities.

The features of the module under Admin Login and User Login are:


Gate Pass Management System View 

gate pass management system

Gate Pass Management System

visitor management system Tracks basic information like Code, Description and Status gate pass management .

visitor management system Tracks other information like Category, Rate, Asset ID, Asset Owner, Asset type, Asset group, Make, Group ,Gate Pass Management System.

visitor management system Asset owner can be inserted by selecting an employee from popup or we type an active employee name.