Warehouse Management System


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Visitor Management

All the organizations attract large number of Visitor Management system These visitors include customers suppliers colleagues maintenance staff competitors government officers guests friends relatives and sometime completely unknown people.

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Self Registration Kiosks

A Self Registration kiosks is an open summer-house or pavilion usually having its roof supported by pillars with screened or totally open walls. As a building type, it was first introduced by the Seljuks as a small building attached to the main mosque, which consisted of a domed hall with open arched sides.



Biometric FINGER PRINTs ATTENDANCE need Organizations of all sizes use time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, and the department where the work is performed. However, it’s also common to track meals and breaks, the type of work performed, and the number of items produced.

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Warehouse Management System

WMS Solution are primarily tactical tools, purchased and used by businesses to satisfy the unique customer demand requirements Please contact any employee for assistance. info@nitmtech.com or +65 90186633


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NiTM was founded in 2009 to provide specialized IT Support & consultancy Services, in a rapidly evolving environment. Backed by a team of highly dedicated and professional individuals, we mould solutions to meet the needs of our clients, and try to satisfy or exceed the expectations that they have to the best of our abilities.

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NITM’s providing high quality IT Support Solution Service and integrating latest technology at minimal costs Managed IT Support service providers focus on reducing total cost of ownership improving IT infrastructure performance and increasing flexibility to keep up with evolving business needs.


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